How to make lunch less stressful for you and more fun for your kids

Too often when we’re feeling exhausted or running late, our minds go blank when faced with an empty lunch box. We’ve found that having a few items always on hand, goes a long a way. So, we’ve made a list of easy, nutritious items to pack for lunch. Bookmark this article, and when you’re heading out to do your grocery shopping …


Question 4 Kids: Write a Book

Big Kids If you wrote a book what would it be about? Little Kids What’s your favorite book? Why do you like it so much? Follow-up Questions Big Kids What would the title of your book be? What about the opening sentence? Little Kids What do you think the characters in your favorite book are doing right now?


Questions 4 Kids: Fast Car

Big Kids If you designed a new type of car, what would it look like, what would you name it and what special features would it have? Little Kids Do you think you’ll have a car when you grow up? What color will it be? Where will you drive it to? Fun Fact A company in California has started testing …