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Job Opportunity: Social Media Strategist & Growth Manager (Temporary, Full Time, Remote)

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Parents are in crisis. Because of the pandemic, millions of parents have lost income, children are home-bound navigating distance learning, and families are under extreme stress. At the same time, millions of families are engaging with the racial justice uprisings across the country, working to raise a generation of kids who are anti-racists. At ParentsTogether, we have a diverse community of 2.4M parents, and we’re working hard to provide content, resources, relief, and support to families that meet their urgent needs. 

We’re looking for a motivated Social Media Strategist & Growth Manager to help us get useful, practical and timely content into the hands of families via our social media platforms. We also use these platforms to mobilize our followers to take action on important policy issues. Therefore, a key goal of this role is to diversify and grow the reach of our 501c3 and 501c4 social media platforms, including Facebook, our Facebook group, Instagram, and Twitter. 

This is a fantastic opportunity to join a growing nonprofit organization at an incredibly difficult and transformative moment in our country. We understand that some applicants will be stronger in certain areas of the role than other areas. Don’t let this stop you from applying! We are a learning culture.  

What You’ll Do

To help us rapidly expand our reach and get timely, concise, and easily-consumable content into the hands of parents and families, you’ll lead a small team and you’ll….

  • Analyze & assess the status of our current social platforms. Assess our existing platforms/communities to propose the most strategic opportunities for growth (we expect Instagram to be a top focus) and ongoing engagement.
  • Run experiments to grow Instagram account membership & engagement. Lead on a strategy for paid and organic growth on Instagram (and implement with the help of an Instagram Specialist). The goal is to hit 100K highly-engaged users by the end of 2020. 
  • Bring a cohesive voice and unified strategy across our 501c3 and c4 platforms. This includes:
    • Developing a parenting content strategy across our platforms. Working with our Content team (which develops a wealth of blog posts and parenting information sent by Facebook Messenger), adapt content to fit the voice, look, and feel of Instagram & Twitter in particular, in order to increase the value we offer to different audiences.
    • Amplifying our advocacy efforts across all our accounts: Establish a more cohesive voice across our advocacy and parenting content, as well as our c3 and c4 platforms.
  • Run experiments to grow and manage our active & engaged Facebook group. Experiment with ways to grow the current membership, aiming to grow from 59K to 100K; work with the Director of Digital Content to learn about parent pain points from the group, and also, pretest various ideas and content with the group.
  • Support November Get Out The Vote campaign with a social strategy. This is one of ParentsTogether’s primary programs in 2020; we message members to encourage them to vote and tell their friends to vote. The Social Media Strategist & Growth Manager will work to amplify these efforts. 
  • Manage & Learn from Metrics. Help us create a metrics dashboard to understand what works and where our community is most engaged. Track our return on investment for paid acquisition, and identify the most effective organic growth campaigns.

About You

Your Skills: A successful candidate is…

  • Nimble and agile in their approach, not wedded to a single idea or solution in pursuit of a larger goal
  • Comfortable running experiments, testing, learning, and pivoting quickly
  • Energized by and endlessly curious about metrics; easily able to look at data, synthesize, and apply learnings strategically
  • A skilled project manager that keeps focused on the bigger picture while not losing sight of the details; comfortable managing a small team of staff and contractors
  • Experienced in, and deeply committed to, creating inclusive and equitable digital content and spaces for diverse families
  • Excited to work both collaboratively and independently with the editorial team and beyond; our work happens virtually, so you’ll use Zoom, Slack, etc to support collaboration
  • Able to think strategically about content and community building while also being quick on your feet and able to spin up content that responds to the moment
  • An effective communicator internally with team members and in writing
  • Skilled at staying attuned to the conversations happening within our communities and tapping them to start new and thoughtful ones

Your Experience: You’ll succeed in this role if you have a background in..

  • Managing a significant Instagram or Facebook page/group of 50k+ – from posting content to moderating comments to driving engagement
  • Strategizing rapid growth campaigns across different platforms (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Facebook groups) 
  • Managing successful paid and organic acquisition on Instagram 
  • Skilled at leveraging the culture as well and look and feel of each platform to drive deep engagement
  • Demonstrated social justice and mission-driven work
  • While not required, we are especially excited about candidates who have a passion for parenting issues

Details about the Role

  • Compensation for this temporary, full-time staff position is $68,000 – $75,000 annualized depending on experience.
  • This role reports directly to Co-Director Bethany Robertson and works collaboratively with our content and advocacy teams. The Social Media Strategist and Growth Manager will also manage a small social team of 3-4 staff and contractors (including moderators and an Instagram specialist).
  • Ideally, the person in this role will start at the beginning of August 2020, and the role will extend through the end of 2020. 
  • The majority of our team works business hours ET, so it’s important that the candidate be accessible during a majority of these hours. 
  • Employees are eligible to join ParentsTogether’s health plan; health benefits are available through the duration of employment (with an anticipated end date in December 2020). 
  • This role is remote and can be done from anywhere in the U.S. We are a team of 11 and currently have team members in NC, DC, NY, MO, and MI.
  • We are deeply committed to building a diverse and inclusive team that reflects the parents we serve. At ParentsTogether, we have an intersectional analysis and believe that building a multiracial, cross-class parent movement is non-negotiable. We are actively working to build a diverse team of staff and contractors; people of color, people from poor and working class backgrounds, LGBTQ folks, and people with disabilities are strongly encouraged to apply. We are an equal opportunity employer and do not discriminate based upon gender, race, national origin, disability, age, religion, sexual orientation, or gender expression.

How to Apply

If you’re interested in this opportunity, please submit your resume and complete the questionnaire here. Applicants will be considered on a rolling basis until the position is filled.

A Little about Us

ParentsTogether is a community of 2.4M parents and grandparents working together to make the world a better place for children and families.

We use mobile messaging to provide news and updates on issues that matter to families, and creative and thoughtful resources that address parents’ daily challenges. We also organize parents to speak out in favor of public education, affordable childcare, kids’ healthcare, family food and income security, protection for immigrant families, and other important priorities.

As an organization, we are collaborative and work to solve challenges together. We have a positive, low-ego, low-drama work culture. All of us love our work and are driven to help ParentsTogether succeed. Our strategy framework is based on lean startup principles. We try out ideas quickly, see what works, and iterate.

Cindy has worked in various media roles and is currently Senior Platform Manager for ParentsTogether. She lives in Brooklyn, NY with her husband and son.