What Parents Want

What’s on parents’ minds and how can we all do a better job of helping each other out? During the summer of 2014, more than 1600 parents shared some of the challenges they face and what they’d like more of in their lives.

The answers were powerful. There were big challenges most of us share, like having enough patience, money, work-life balance, and childcare. There were vivid moments of joy that make it all worthwhile, as well as deep frustrations over some of the structural issues in our country that make it tough to raise a family.

We love the time we spend with our kids and want more of it–especially time to play, and time to just be. We’d like to do more with other families, starting with shared outdoor and creative activities. We are grateful for the community we enjoy–and while some of us feel we already have strong community connections, most of us would like more.

How does your parenting experience line up with what other families around the country have to say? See what we learned in the infographic below.