Star-Forming Region LH 95 in the Large Magellanic Cloud  [1680x1

Questions 4 Kids: Time Travel

Big Kids What would you do if you could travel into the past? Little Kids What was the best thing that happened to you yesterday? Why? Follow-up Questions Big Kids How would your adventure in the past change the present? How would things be different today? Little Kids What’s the day after today called? What’s something you think will happen …


Questions 4 Kids: Generosity

Big Kids You have $100 to spend, but it must be for someone else. Who do you spend it on, and what do you buy with it? Little Kids If you could buy a present for a friend, what would you buy and for whom? Follow-up Questions Big Kids Do you think it’s necessary to spend money to give someone a …


Question 4 Kids: Write a Book

Big Kids If you wrote a book what would it be about? Little Kids What’s your favorite book? Why do you like it so much? Follow-up Questions Big Kids What would the title of your book be? What about the opening sentence? Little Kids What do you think the characters in your favorite book are doing right now?


Questions 4 Kids: Money Maker

Big Kids If the government hired you to come up with a new kind of money (not “dollars”) — what would you call it and what would it look like? Little Kids What color is our money? If you could make money a different color, what color would you choose? Follow-up Questions Big Kids What material would your new money …


Questions 4 Kids: Magic Bike

Big Kids If you had a magic bicycle, what powers would it have? Little Kids What shape are the wheels on a tricycle? What other things are that same shape? Follow-up Questions Big Kids How would you use your magic bicycle to help people? Little Kids What do you think would happen if the wheels on a tricycle were a different …


Questions 4 Kids: Build a House

Big Kids If you could build a house out of any material, what would it be and why? Little Kids What would you do if the walls of your house turned into candy? Follow-up Questions Big Kids What special features would your house have? Little Kids Would you change the candy walls back or keep them? How come?  

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Questions 4 Kids: Transformation

Big Kids Imagine humans built cocoons and transformed, like caterpillars do. What would we look like when we came out? Little Kids If you had wings, like a butterfly, what would they look like? Follow-up Questions Big Kids What would your cocoon look like? What would you make it out of? Little Kids Where would you fly to with your new wings? …


Questions 4 Kids: Remote Control

Big Kids If you had a remote control that programmed humans, what buttons would it have on it? Who would you use it on? Little Kids Imagine your nose is a button that makes you do a silly dance when I touch it. Can you show me what happens when I press it? Follow-up Questions Big Kids Can you think about …


Questions 4 Kids: Design a Car

Big Kids If you designed a new type of car, what would it look like, what would you name it and what special features would it have? Little Kids Do you think you’ll have a car when you grow up? What color will it be? Where will you drive it to? Bonus Activity Draw a picture of what your car …