Our Team

Editorial and Digital Content

Robyn Welling | Editor-in-Chief, Director of Content
Mckenna Saady | Staff Writer, Digital Communications Manager
Joanna Eng | Staff Writer, Digital Content Specialist
Stacy Lenz | Staff Writer, Digital Content Creator
Lando Bobo | Digital Content Strategist

Digital Communications and Production

Jackie Smith | Director of Product
Katherine Madhuri-Asencio | Lead Data Engineer
Alexandria Wald | Growth Strategist
Rhodeshia Cooper | Digital Producer
Dhalya Wagner | Digital Producer
Gabriela Gonzalez | Digital Communications Associate 
Natalie Smith | Director of Storytelling
Stephany Medina | Storytelling Specialist


Ailen (Nani) Arreaza | Executive Director
Ellen Carmichael | Managing Director
Justin Ruben | Co-Founder, Senior Advisor
Maxine Silent | Director of Development
Jill Price Marshall | Chief Operating Officer
Deseyre Magee | Operations Manager
Bonnie Chin Washburn | Chief Financial Officer
Abby Lu | Senior Finance Associate
Radhika Zope | Accounting Manager

Board of Directors

Bethany Robertson | Chair
Veronika Geronimo | Treasurer
Kim Hohman | Board Member
Julia Silbergeld | Board Member