2023’s Most Popular Scripts for Parents

In our biggest hit series of the year, Scripts for Parents, we break down exactly how to respond to your kid’s toughest questions. Whether it’s sex and bodies, race, family finances, LGBTQ+ issues or something else—our Scripts for Parents help families navigate all types of tricky topics.

Here’s a collection of our most popular Scripts for Parents, sorted by topic—

Online safety

Asking about screen time at a playdate

Talking to kids about sextortion to keep them safe online

What to say if your child sees disturbing images online

What to say when your kid is addicted to screens

Sex and bodies

If you catch your child touching themselves

Race and ethnicity

When your child asks what the “n-word” means

Why Black people can say the “n‑word” & others can’t

Explaining culturally appropriative Halloween costumes to kids

What to say when your child is embarrassed to speak Spanish

Gender identity and sexual orientation

If your child thought the Barbie movie was mean to boys

What to say when other parents don’t want trans kids in sports

How to talk to your family about trans kids

Kids changing their names or pronouns

Someone you know is afraid of talking to trans or non-binary people

Mental health

If your kid said they don’t like the way they look


Talking to kids about the aftermath of a school lockdown

How to talk to kids about stranger danger

Grief and loss

How to talk to your child about death

Talking to kids about an absent parent

Drugs and alcohol

How to talk to teens about alcohol

Talking to teens about the dangers of fentanyl

Family and relationships

How to explain why we treat siblings differently

How to explain consent to your affectionate relatives

Finances and work

If your child said you work too much

What to say if your kid asks “Are we poor?”

History and education

What to say to your kid about the real history of Thanksgiving