12 Unique Ways to Compliment Your Child

Kids are like sponges. If we say positive things to them, it makes a big difference in how they feel about themselves! But my kids start to tune me out if I say the same things over and over, and a unique compliment can really help the message sink in. For example, when my instinct is to say something general like, …

Questions 4 Kids, Week of December 16

It’s chilly out there! It’s a great week to plan some warm, cozy indoor activities with your family. Here are a few creative questions to spark some great conversation during your quality time together!  

Questions 4 Kids, Week of December 9

It’s time for another round of creative Questions 4 Kids! This week, we travel to the top of a snowy mountain, start a fun new club, and build a treehouse!  

14 Great Books For Babies and Preschoolers That Help Parents Discuss Diversity

Did you know that even young babies benefit from seeing diversity in picture books? And, once they become toddlers, they’ll definitely start asking questions (sometimes LOUDLY, in public 😣😅) about why people have different skin colors, wear cultural or religious clothing, or even why they speak another language. We found some great children’s books that celebrate diversity and can help …

Questions 4 Kids, Week of December 2

The weather’s getting colder, the holidays are upon us, and school’s almost out for winter break! What better time to reconnect with your family with these creative new Questions 4 Kids?

Questions 4 Kids, Week of November 25

Happy Monday! We have some really fun Qs for you this week. Get your kids to brainstorm about books they’ve read, people they admire, and impressive vocabulary words they know!

Questions 4 Kids, Week of November 18

Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at ParentsTogether. We hope your holiday is filled with family, friends, and yummy food! Use these questions during this special time together to spark some memorable conversations with your kids!  

Questions 4 Kids, Week of November 11

Happy Veterans Day from all of us at ParentsTogether. To honor our time together during this important holiday, we’ve included a couple of questions about family, to get your kid thinking about why theirs is so special!

Questions 4 Kids, Week of November 4

This week, we have a special Election Day question for your kids! This is a great opportunity to talk to them about voting, or even take them with you to the polls. We also talk about yummy snacks, the jungle, and the alphabet!

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This One Surprising Thing Can Boost Your Baby’s Language Development

Did you know that babies begin developing the ability to speak and understand language BEFORE BIRTH?!?? I just learned there’s one HUGE way to boost language skills in babies and it might surprise you… It’s music! Studies have shown that babies who make and move to music start to express themselves and communicate earlier than those who don’t. In fact, …