Create With Us

Our Goal:

  • Producing edited video content based on our outlines.
  • Working alongside ParentsTogether to develop engaging video franchises. Your ideas and expertise on potential themes are highly encouraged!
  • Connecting with viewers by reflecting on parenting identities, encouraging them to share their stories, and inviting them to engage with us further.
  • Guidance and Adaptation: Personalized coaching on the project’s experimental goals and adjustments based on the outcomes of the experiments.
  • Performance Insights: Constructive feedback on content performance from our experienced Content and Production teams, offering valuable insights.
  • Content Support: Access to scripts or detailed script treatments to guarantee alignment with our audience and the overall objectives of the video franchises.
  • Collaborative Culture: An environment that highly values and encourages your creative input, fostering a collaborative partnership.

We’re open to a wide range of topics, including but not limited to child behavior, parental mental health, tech tips, financial guidance, and education.

All videos will be featured on ParentsTogether’s owned channels.

While we’re mainly looking at direct-to-camera videos, we’re in a phase of experimentation and highly value your creative suggestions and proven strategies.

Join us in shaping content that resonates with parents and caregivers. Your expertise and creativity can help us make a significant impact.

As a modestly sized nonprofit, we operate with a limited budget. However, we are committed to offering fair compensation to our creators for their invaluable contributions, covering both content production and any time spent in meetings or consultations.

If you’re drawn to this opportunity, we encourage an open conversation about compensation rates. Our rate for this short-term (2-3 month) contract is $150 per video (to produce a direct to camera video with a provided script and format), as well as $50/hour for onboarding or creative meetings. Going forward, there may be the opportunity for creating with more involved formats, significantly greater creative input, research or interviews, etc., which would be compensated accordingly and contracted separately. Our goal is to find a mutually agreeable financial arrangement that reflects the value of your work and aligns with our budget constraints.

  • Creator Selection: We aim to select and contract five (5) creators by early March 2024, forming a small, elite creative team.
  • Initial Team Meeting: A meeting with all contracted creators will be scheduled before production begins, to ensure alignment and foster team synergy.
  • Content Production Kickoff: Content creation is set to start in early March, with the first video posts expected to go live within the same month. 
  • Ongoing Content Schedule: The timing for subsequent video releases will be established post-contracting, ensuring a tailored approach to content rollout.
  • Content Creation Expectation: Each selected creator will be tasked with producing three (3) videos throughout the duration of the contract, contributing to a diverse and engaging content portfolio.