2020 Back To School Decision Quiz

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Welcome to your 2020 Back To School Decision Quiz

The COVID-19 community spread rate in my area is low.

I have access to Covid-19 testing in my area, and results are made available quickly.

(Note that a 5-day turnaround for test results will mean a child missing a week of school any time they show symptoms and need to get tested, so ideally results in your area would be available in under 5 days.)

My child does not have an underlying medical condition that increases their risk of health challenges due to COVID-19.

No one in my household or immediate family is at increased risk if they contract the virus (e.g. because of compromised immune function or lung disease).

My family needs child care, and without in-person school I will not have child care for my child(ren).

I have been adequately assured by our school that the environment will be safe for in-person attendance (e.g. frequently disinfecting surfaces, staggering schedules, plans for social distance, safe transportation, etc).

Our school has plans and policies in place for how and when to send students and staff home if they show symptoms.

Our school has plans and policies in place outlining what would need to happen to cause a single classroom or the entire school to go virtual, and guidelines for returning to the building after such an event—and I am comfortable with those plans.

My child can wear a cloth face covering for an extended period of time, if required by the school.

I am not confident that our school can successfully deliver virtual instruction that engages my child.

I’m concerned about my child being able to stay socially connected to peers during continued virtual learning, or that they’ll suffer other mental health consequences from learning from home.

My child(ren) can only receive the behavioral and/or individualized academic supports they need (e.g. IEP accommodations, speech therapy, etc) in the school building.

My child(ren) will not have adequate access to the food and nutrition that they need, even if they don’t return to the school building.

My family doesn’t have access to a reliable Internet connection and a computer or tablet for each child.

My child(ren) aren’t able to participate in virtual learning without supervision, and won’t have access to an adult to supervise virtual and independent learning activities.

Robyn is Editor-in-Chief at ParentsTogether and is co-author of several NYTimes bestselling anthologies. She lives in southern Michigan with her husband and five children.