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Three Fun ‘Big Kid’ Activities…That Babies Love, Too!

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It often seems like there are tons of options for things to do with ‘big kids’—but not so much when it comes to babies.

Sometimes we need to entertain a baby and older sibling at the same time, and sometimes (let’s be honest) it just gets super boring playing peek-a-boo 847 times in a row. Whatever the reason, it’s nice to know a few games and activities that are usually meant for ‘big kids,’ but that really, babies would love, too—and actually, it turns out giving your baby exposure to ‘big-kid activities’ can benefit the whole family! Keep reading for some great ideas to use the next time you want to level up playtime with your little one…

Library Storytimes 📚

Even when your baby can’t sing along with the songs or understand all of a story’s words, they’re building listening and communication skills. They also get some great social benefits from watching the children around them.

Plus you get the chance to meet other parents with young children—everybody wins!

Household chores ✨

Try giving your little one a small broom and dustpan while you sweep or give them different textured washcloths to explore while you fold the laundry.

You’ll be modeling positive, healthy habits, getting your chores done, and allowing your baby some sensory experiences to promote development.

Gardening 🍃

Start growing some herbs, flowers, or vegetables outside (if you have the space, and nice enough weather) or in pots indoors.

Many babies love to play in dirt, and studies have shown that microbes in soil promote positive emotional health. So, let them get dirty—then plop them in a sudsy bath!

I know activities like these really saved my sanity when I just couldn’t play one more game of peek-a-boo—and once I had two kiddos it was really important to find things the kids could do together.

If you try one of these ideas, or if you know other big kid activities babies can do, connect with us on Facebook and let us know! 😄

Robyn is Editor-in-Chief at ParentsTogether and is co-author of several NYTimes bestselling anthologies. She lives in southern Michigan with her husband and five children.