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5 ways to make Mom feel special this Mother’s Day

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Every day, moms put everyone else’s needs above theirs. Besides taking care of their families and making sure everyone has what they need, moms also manage demanding jobs and busy schedules. For at least one day out of the year, moms should get a break, and enjoy feeling loved and appreciated! A happy Mother’s Day should be a day when loving, hardworking moms receive the attention they deserve. 

While you might wish you had beautiful pearls or flashy diamonds to bring a smile to your mom’s face, you can still level it up this year and make Mom feel special in unique ways she would never expect. 

Shout Out Mom’s Unique Qualities 

For families with young kids, the most meaningful surprise can be something as simple as writing down what you all love about Mom. Use this Mother’s Day printable as a guide to get kids thinking about what makes their mom so special! Kids can draw or write their thoughts, or tell them to an adult to record if they’re too little to do it themselves. That extra thought and effort shows that you care more than a generic card from the store ever could. 

Send Her a Message From Her Favorite Celebrity 

While traditional gifts are great ways to celebrate special occasions, sometimes we all need a bit of fun and magic in our lives. Surprise Mom on Mother’s Day with a personalized message from her favorite celebrity. On there are thousands of stars to choose from — actors, musicians, athletes, or reality TV stars. Choose your mom’s favorite celeb and provide the details for an amazing personalized video. It may take up to seven days, but when your video is ready, the website will send it directly to you and you can share it with Mom. Make sure you record her reaction to your video gift!

Create a Custom Song for Mom

There’s no mom like yours, and there’s no Mother’s Day gift like this one. If you want to make Mom feel special, forget about predictable gifts this year and surprise her with a unique and memorable gift — use to create a one-of-a-kind song based on her life. Write a few words about the most special woman in your life, choose the artist you like and the music genre you prefer, and let the professionals work their magic. Your musician will create a custom song for your mom, singing her story the way you see it. 

Take Her on an Amazing Adventure

Sometimes, the gift of memories is much more special than any material thing you could buy for Mom for Mother’s Day. This year, surprise her with a unique adventure! If she enjoys feeling the adrenaline rush through her veins, take her skydiving (or go for an indoor skydiving experience) or send her on a hot air balloon ride on Mother’s Day. If Mom prefers unique and fun experiences that are a bit less adrenaline-boosting, organize a swimming session with dolphins, try yoga with goats or go stargazing together. You can try Airbnb Experiences to help you find the best weekend activities in your area.  

Need a low- or no-cost version? Chances are that the adventure Mom really wants is spending time with YOU, so feel free to skip the skydiving and plan something a bit more simple. An afternoon hike, a chat over coffee, or a visit to your old childhood neighborhood can be just as special thanks to the time you’ll get to spend together.

Gift Her a Unique Weekend Getaway 

While gifting a trip for Mother’s Day may not be a brand new idea, you might not be aware of the plethora of unique and fun accommodations available out there! From ice hotels and airplane bungalows to treehouse hotels, underwater rooms and bubble domes, these idyllic accommodations promise to create an amazing and memorable Mother’s Day experience Mom could only dream of. Get some inspiration under the “OMG!” menu on

While Mom would probably receive any Mother’s Day gift that comes from you with a smile, wouldn’t it be great if you knew Mom was smiling because she felt special, loved and appreciated? Forget about flowers and chocolates this year. Instead, gift Mom something she would never expect. Whether you choose to make her a custom song, a group video with the family, or write or draw your heart out, make sure you put thought and care into it, because Mom definitely deserves it. 

Sue Seabury is passionate about fashion, doubly so when she can save a buck. She is a regular contributor to the blog for the premier online pearl retailer, The Pearl Source.