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9 Tips for Talking About the Outcome of the Election With Kids

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It’s no surprise that the 2020 election has been dominating the news (and most people’s thoughts), but more of that information and anxiety could be trickling through to your kids than you think. Even if you’ve already taught them all about voting and the election process, they’re likely worried, anxious, or at the very least have unanswered questions. “Our kids are already feeling so much stress and anxiety due to COVID-19; we shouldn’t be surprised at all if they have some big feelings around election day, too; they are already carrying so much,” Bethany Robertson, co-founder of ParentsTogether, told Parents in an interview this week.

Following such an important election—especially with results taking days or weeks to roll in—many parents are looking for ways to talk about what’s going on with their kids. Here are nine tips, courtesy of Parents’ interview with Robertson and other experts, for discussing the election with kids of all ages while we wait for the winner to be announced.

Read the entire story and more details from the interviews on Parents.

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