Questions 4 Kids, Week of May 13

Happy Mother’s Day from all of us at ParentsTogether. Whether you have kids, grandkids, or simply nurture those around you, you deserve a special day! We hope you all enjoyed the day and got to spend some time connecting with your families. Here’s a new batch of Qs to keep those connections growing! Have younger kids? Try this version of …

Questions 4 Kids, Week of May 6

Mother’s Day is coming up this weekend! Families come in all shapes and sizes — take a moment to connect with your family on this special day using these creative Qs! \ Have younger kids? Try this version of our Qs:

Questions 4 Kids, Week of April 29

Starting this week, get your youngest kiddos in on the Questions 4 Kids action! Scroll down for a special version of this week’s Qs tailored to younger kids. Have younger kids? Try this version of our Qs:

Peaceful Daycare Drop-off Hacks

When my first kid started daycare, drop-off was SO stressful. He was a clinging, crying mess, and I dragged myself to work feeling so guilty. 😢 It’s more than just daycare, though—for lots of kids, any goodbye (preschool, babysitter, whatever) can be super emotional. I know 3 simple things you can do to make those transitions more peaceful for you …

One Easy Hack To Make Your Days With the Kids More Positive

If you’re like me, you sometimes fall into a habit of automatically snapping or yelling at your kids because you’re frustrated, annoyed, or just plain TIRED—yup, I become the “angry mom.” 😬  It can really make you (and them) feel terrible. But I learned a cool hack that seriously helps make my days with my kids more positive—and it all …

Questions 4 Kids, Week of April 22

This past weekend, families across the country celebrated Easter, Passover, or the arrival of springtime! As we return to work and school, use these questions to reconnect with your kids as you return to your regular, busy schedules. 🙂

Questions 4 Kids, Week of April 15

This week, we take over the radio waves, go on a picnic, and do a little redecorating. Challenge your kids to use their creativity and problem solving skills this week with this awesome new batch of Questions 4 Kids!

Questions 4 Kids, Week of April 8

For most of us across the country, it was a beautiful Spring weekend! Did your family get to enjoy the weather? Whether you’ve been stuck inside or running around in the sunshine, this new batch of Qs will help you get reconnected with your kids and start the week off right.

Questions 4 Kids, Week of March 25

This week, get your kids thinking about teamwork, design, and creativity! Grab some craft supplies…Monday’s Q is a great opportunity to have your kids draw or build their designs!