Perspective Taking When Your Child Has a Behavior Challenge

I bet you can relate—last week I ran errands with my youngest, who was in a perfectly fine mood…until seemingly out of NOWHERE he crumbled into a huge meltdown. Who knew the bank being out of green suckers was such a crisis? 😩 Luckily, now I have an easy 4-step strategy that helps me figure situations like that out, so …

5 Steps to Surviving the Witching Hour

Do you experience the “witching hour” at your house? I love time with my kiddos so much, but I gotta be honest: sometimes weeknights after work are plain hell. We’re all tired and hungry and stressed, so 5:00 until bedtime can feel like…total chaos. But then, I changed things up: Now, we walk in the door and our evening STARTS …

Building Language On the Go

Helping our little ones learn to talk is one of our most important roles as parents—and even though it’s a big job, we don’t have to set aside special time to do it! You can use your parenting superpower—multitasking 😅—to help your little one take their vocab, speech, & language skills to the next level while you’re out and about. …

Questions 4 Kids, Week of July 8

After a busy holiday weekend, it can feel overwhelming to catch back up with work, busy family schedules, and chores. These questions will give you and your family a fun way to stay connected during the long week ahead! Have younger kids? Try this version of our Qs:

Questions 4 Kids, Week of July 1

July has begun, and Independence Day is just around the corner. Celebrate the holiday with some fireworks, a cookout, sparklers, and a special July 4th creative question! Have younger kids? Try this version of our Qs:

Questions 4 Kids, Week of June 24

During these long days of summer, it can sometimes feel hard to fill your kids’ days with productive and enriching activities. Questions 4 Kids can be a fun game, a coloring activity, a writing prompt, and so much more that can give your kids creative and educational ways to fill their days off from school! Have younger kids? Try this …

Great Ways to Make Bedtime Reading Super Connected

We all know reading with kids is good for their brains, but it’s also good for the heart and soul—an awesome way to reconnect with your kiddo after a long, busy day.  Here are 3 ways to make bedtime reading super special (the first one is PERFECT if your little bean likes hearing the same book over and over 😅). …

Questions 4 Kids, Week of June 17

This week, your kid can be an author, an economist, and a pizza chef! The only limit is their imagination. Enjoy this week’s Questions 4 Kids! Have younger kids? Try this version of our Qs:

Questions 4 Kids, Week of June 10

It’s time for a new batch of creative Questions 4 Kids! Try these out on a long drive, in line at the grocery store, or during family dinner! Have younger kids? Try this version of our Qs: