Happy Father’s Day—we have gifts for you!

Thank you so much for joining ParentsTogether on this journey of learning how to be the best parents we can be, laughing at all the absurdities of parenthood, and taking important actions to make the world a better place for ALL kids along the way!

To show our appreciation to dads and father figures everywhere, we’ve put together a collection of fun gifts! 

Scroll to see them all, or click below:

  • To celebrate with some tunes: A playlist of songs dedicated to the power of fatherhood.
  • To connect with your kids: Some fun interview questions for the kids to ask dad!
  • To help you embrace self-care: A collection of helpful printables and resources to help you carve out some much needed time for yourself.
  • To get some time alone: Tons of activities that will keep your kids engaged and happy (while YOU relax!)
  • To support your parenting: A collection of resources that will help make your parenting a bit easier

Father’s Day playlist

We put together this special playlist just for dads! The songs span several genres and decades, but they all have one thing in common—showing appreciation for the fathers in our lives.

 Family interview questions

Father’s Day is a great time to learn a little more about Dad! Use this fun printable set of questions to kick off a family interview! Have the kids ask these interesting questions about a father figure in their lives and watch the family bonding begin.

Self-care resources

Taking care of yourself is a critical part of being there for your kids. As they say, only once your own cup is full can you fill others’ cups, so take time every day to nurture your own physical and mental health.

Here are some resources to inspire you to take some time for yourself today—

  • Positive parenting mantras to repeat to yourself when you need some reassurance, or simply want to feel a mental health boost!
  • A printable list of science-backed ways to boost your happiness throughout the day.
  • A printable 30-day self-care challenge you can do alone or with the whole family!
  • A collection of the 9 most helpful resources for managing anger, frustration, and stress as a parent.
  • A self-care guide to help parents of color take care of their mental health.

    Activities for kids

    Keep your kids happily occupied (and learning!) with these activities for kids of all ages! Set them loose with photo scavenger hunts, mental health boosting exercises, fun worksheets and engaging coloring pages.

    Parenting resources

    From scripts for talking to kids about tough topics, mental health supports, budget planning worksheets, fun challenges for raising kids who do good in the world, and even a chore chart that’ll probably surprise you, you’re sure to find something in this helpful collection of parenting resources to simplify your life as a dad.