ParentsTogether Team’s Song List

As part of the free family thank you gifts from all of us at ParentsTogether, here’s a song list of some of our favorite tunes for 2022—including why we chose them! Perfect for a pick-me-up, inspiration, or a fun family dance party—see the full list on Spotify below.

Ailen, Deputy DirectorAquí me tienes, by
Marissa Mur
We’ve been playing this on repeat all year. Love her voice and how it starts off slow and then bursts into a fun dance song.
Pulin, Director of CampaignsHello (feat. Dragonette), by Martin SolveigGot stuck in our heads because of a scene in Ted Lasso then realized it was catchy and fun for the kids, too (in the original, Chipmunks, and remixed versions).
Mckenna, Digital Content LeadHOLIDAY, by TurnstileThis was one of my favorite songs of the year (and it just happens to be seasonally appropriate!)–a fun one for all the little headbangers out there!
Robyn, Director of ContentTightrope, by
Janelle Monáe
Not only are the lyrics to this song a great reminder of the importance of finding balance in life and not letting criticism get you down, but the catchy, up-tempo beat is almost impossible not to dance to!
Bethany, Co-DirectorA Beautiful Noise, Alicia Keys and Brandi CarlisleFor all the times when I’ve felt a little worn down this year, this song always lifts me up – and helps me feel connected.
Amanda, Online Safety TeamKill the Lights (with Nile Rodgers) Audien Remix, by Alex Newell, Jess Glynne, DJ Cassidy, Nile RodgersThis is a fantastic remix of a disco classic that breathes new life into it. It’s also my lip sync song if I ever make it onto Drag Race. 🙂
Deseyre, Operations ManagerSunday Best, by SurfacesThis song reminds me that no matter what the day brings, I have to continue on.
PaKou, Digital Advocacy, Growth & Innovation CampaignerSeventeen, by Sharon Van EttenAs my daughters grow older and enter into teenagehood, they remind me so much of what life was like for me at that age. There are many moments when I see myself in them, and many when I hope they never have to face the same things I faced at their age.
Lando, ExperimenterSummer Madness (Exclusive Cover Version), by KhruangbinReally puts me in a good mood and can be listened to at any time of the day. I’ve used this song a lot this year to calm my nerves and ground me at times I’d feel worked up.
Shelby, Campaign DirectorHeavenly Day, by Patty GriffinThis is a gorgeous song about being thankful for what we have, taking life one day at a time, and appreciating the little things like beautiful days.
Alexandria, Growth StrategistThinking ‘Bout Love – Acoustic, by Wild RiversThis year for me nothing brought warmth and deep sentiment like good acoustic or indie music. This type of music helps to bring calm, focus, and beauty into my everyday life which I found really essential in 2021.