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One simple activity to keep kids busy, entertained, and learning

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Photo scavenger hunts are a great way to keep kids (and their creativity!) occupied, but they’re also a fun way to connect as a family. Here’s how:

  1. Print off the checklist(s) for the photo scavenger hunt(s) you’d like to do (see below). Give one to each person or team that’s participating.
  2. Find things that match each prompt on the list—take a photo of each one and check it off.
  3. Meet back up after everyone has finished and compare the photos you took!

That’s one of the most fun parts—you can really learn a lot about your kids from the discussions these scavenger hunts inspire. Not only will everyone have stories about finding their photos, but it’s always interesting to see the variety of images you get in response to a simple photo prompt. Here are a few other tips to tailor the experience to your own family:

  • You can take your time, or make it a race to see who finishes the hunt fastest.
  • Younger kids can benefit from being on a team with an older child or adult, but if you have an old device they can use they’ll still love taking their own photos. Pre-readers can help with the list too, as each item is also represented with an illustration.
  • Use some of the themes of our hunts to spark discussions about specific issues, like toxic friendships or self esteem, with older kids.
  • Ask kids questions about the images they chose, such as:
    • “This prompt was ‘something that makes you feel good.’ What made you decide to take a picture of your blanket? In what ways does it make you feel good?”
    • “I love that you picked Grandma’s sweater as ‘a gift.’ What memories do you have of her giving it to you?”
    • “The tree you took a picture of IS very tall, but it’s shorter than me. Do you think I would pick that as my ‘something very tall’? Why not?”
  • Add “free” spaces to the lists where you can add your own prompts.
  • These hunts also make great games for kids’ parties, or just to give your kids something to do when you hear the dreaded, “I’m bored!”

Ready to start? Find photo scavenger hunt checklists covering a variety of topics below. We’re adding more each month!

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Photo Scavenger Hunt—Back to School

Get into the back-to-school spirit as you find prompts covering everything your kids need for the classroom—including their own big smile!

Checklist in color and printer-friendly black & white

Photo Scavenger Hunt—Nature

Get outdoors and take advantage of the warm days of summer by exploring nature! Whether you live in a high-rise city apartment or in a cabin right next to a national forest, your kiddos will love finding pics to take of each fun prompt.

Checklist in color and printer-friendly black & white

Photo Scavenger Hunt—Rainbows

Celebrate Pride with a checklist of photo prompts all about RAINBOWS! Learn what the colors of the Pride flag represent while finding fun and meaningful items to take photos of along the way.

Checklist in color
Checklist in printer-friendly black & white

Photo Scavenger Hunt—Self Love

Help kids notice what makes them awesome and unique, think more about the coping strategies that help them feel better when they’re feeling not-so-good, and really lean into self love with this fun activity!

Checklist in color and printer-friendly black & white

Photo Scavenger Hunt—Springtime

Spring into springtime with these fun photo scavenger hunt prompts all about growth, warm sun, rain showers, and everything families love as the days get longer and the flowers start to sprout!

Checklist in color
Checklist in printer-friendly black & white

Photo Scavenger Hunt—Symbols of Luck

This scavenger hunt checklist includes lucky symbols from several different cultures. So not only is it a fun activity, it’s an opportunity to learn about different beliefs around the world, too!

Checklist in color
Checklist in printer-friendly black & white

Photo Scavenger Hunt—Love & Friendship

Your family will totally fall for this photo scavenger hunt all about love and friendship.

Checklist in color
Checklist in printer-friendly black & white

This scavenger hunt is a great way to connect with your kids. Want even more connection? Try our 30-Day Family Friendship Challenge for 30 fun activities that’ll get you and your kids thinking about, appreciating, and nurturing all the important relationships in your lives!

Robyn is Editor-in-Chief at ParentsTogether and is co-author of several NYTimes bestselling anthologies. She lives in southern Michigan with her husband and five children.