Results of Parent Survey about Target Pride Displays

After the recent Target decision to remove or relocate some Pride merchandise from its stores after a culture war campaign by a small group of angry customers, ParentsTogether surveyed over 10,000 respondents to see how they feel about this decision and Pride displays in general. 

Topline findings: 

  • 84% of parents agree with the statement that “companies should celebrate inclusivity and diversity, even if it upsets a small group of customers”
  • 63% of parents say they already have or would like to buy Pride merchandise in the future
  • Nearly two thirds of respondents said that they had (16%) or planned to (17%) purchase Pride merchandise from either Target or another vendor (28%).
  • When asked who is to blame for the controversy, 59% said it was the angry customers who went after Target, and 53% said those customers should have been banned from the store.
  • Of the more than 10,000 parents surveyed, less than one quarter (24%) had a child that identified as LGBTQ+

Full results: