Like that moment when

you and your kid are doubled over in laughter at some silly thing that nobody else would understand, and you suddenly think to yourself: I just love this little person to pieces.

Or that time when

you happen to have a minute to catch up with another parent who totally gets a tricky thing you’re going through because they’ve been there before. And they have a great tip for you — or help you see that this, too, shall pass.

Or that time when

you look around the school multi-purpose room, or the playground, or the sports field and realize that, for all your differences, you’re a part of a community of parents who each just want to give their kid the best possible shot at life that they can.

Whether at home, in your community, or with parents across the country, ParentsTogether is building tools and resources to help strengthen connections that foster moments like these and help all kids and families thrive.

Creative Questions

Like all good things, we’re starting at home – with a tool we love using with our own kids: Q4KIDZ. Q4KIDZ sends parents a daily fun, creative question to spark conversation with their kids. We’ve learned that interesting questions provoke great family discussions. Our goal is to ignite 1,000,000 awesome, funny, or thought-provoking conversations between kids and parents this year.

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Working Together to Make Change

Together, we can work towards better outcomes for kids and families across the country. We send our ParentsTogether Messenger community alerts about advocacy, like saving PBS Kids, protecting health care or education, and supporting paid parental leave for all. We also send helpful parenting content, like what to pack for school lunch, how to talk to kids about race, or how to safely watch a solar eclipse.

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Bilingual Kids

Are you raising your kids to speak Spanish and English? It’s sometimes hard to get bilingual kids to speak Spanish regularly, so we’ll send you regular activities, songs, and games to help them practice.

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Simple Parenting

How much sleep do kids really need? What’s the best way to talk to them about difficult topics? What to do with a picky eater?

Tell us the ages of your children, and we’ll tailor advice accordingly.

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Where We’re Headed Next

For us, a daily question is just the beginning. As ParentsTogether grows, we aim to create a community where parents can connect, share resources and work together in fun and creative ways.

What would make life easier for you as a parent? What are the untapped resources in your community of parents? Let us know.