Free Gratitude Printables For Families

Here are your free resources to help bring more gratitude (and all the benefits that come with it) to your family! Click the links below to visit the article for more info, and to download printable versions of the calendar and materials for some of the activities.

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30-Day Family Gratitude Challenge

Making thankfulness part of our everyday lives has many benefits for families. But gratitude is an abstract concept, so how do you incorporate it into your family life in ways that kids will really take to heart? We have 30 creative ideas for making thankfulness more meaningful—and fun!

Printable calendar (in color)
Printable calendar (in black and white)

Thank You Notes

Write a brief thank you note for each family member, and leave it someplace so it’ll brighten their day—like in their lunch box or on the bathroom mirror. You can use these creative printable thank you notes to get started!

Click for the free printable

Gratitude Scavenger Hunt

Complete a fun scavenger hunt that will have everyone in your family thinking about all the things they’re thankful for—just print off this free checklist, snap photos of (or simply write down) each thing on the list as you find it, and check them off! Make it a race, or just reconnect when everyone’s finished and share what you found!

Click for the free printable

Gratitude Tree Activity

Print out this tree and leaf shapes for kids to cut out. Have everyone in the family write something they’re grateful for on a leaf, and stick them onto the tree. Watch your tree fill up as you get inspired to add more ideas!

Click for the free printable

Thankfulness through the 5 Senses

Tuning in to the details of what’s around you can help you feel more grateful. Make a chart with the five senses (sight, smell, hearing, touch, and taste) and have kids write or draw a favorite experience in each category that applies to them. You can print off our free worksheet that makes this activity quick and simple.

Click for the free printable