Here’s your free ‘Child Checks’ printable sign!

The past year has been a hard one for millions of families, but more support is on the way. To help people make ends meet this year, Congress passed the American Rescue Plan, which expands the Child Tax Credit (CTC) for 2021 to give families monthly checks for each child, starting on July 15th! (Check out our simple Child Tax Credit explainer for more info on amounts, eligibility, and how to get yours.) You’ve probably heard those monthly payments referred to as “Child Checks.”

We’re so glad that you’re as excited about this as we are!

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Unfortunately, a lot of the families that will benefit most from Child Checks might not know about them. And once parents do learn about Child Checks, they quickly realize that the expanded credit only lasts for this year—which means the monthly payments end in December.

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To help spread the word about Child Checks—and let Congress know you want them to be permanent—you can:

  • Make a sign that says, “Thanks for child checks! Now, make them permanent!” (or use our printable sign below) and post a pic of you (and the kids in your life!) holding it on social media.
  • Be sure to use the hashtags #childtaxcredit #childchecks!

Don’t want to make your own sign? Or maybe you’re looking for a way to involve your kiddos, and they love to color? GREAT!

Click here to get our printable sign that celebrates the arrival of this much-needed economic relief for families, and calls for Congress to keep those checks coming!

Get a printable version here!