North Carolina




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Contact us if you’re a North Carolina parent and would like to get involved in our work!


[text_output]As we begin to build a national parents movement, we’ve chosen North Carolina as our starting point.

We have deep relationships in this diverse state and many parents eager to work together to create a brighter future for all children and families. (The great weather and delicious barbecue don’t hurt either.)

Our priority during this initial pilot phase is to develop a profound understanding of the needs and challenges of North Carolina parents — across all races and classes — and explore different products and services that meet those needs. This might include things like new parent support groups; tools to help parents better connect to their child’s classroom; or baby-sitting co-ops where parents can share the load of childcare and get that elusive date night every once in while.

As we find solutions that create a deep, lasting impact in parents’ daily lives, we hope to scale and develop an unstoppable parent force in North Carolina, one that can affect the future of all families in the state.

Currently, we are piloting Q4KIDZ by ParentsTogether, a free service that sends parents in North Carolina, and elsewhere, a creative question each day to spark better conversations with their kids. Learn more or sign up for Q4KIDZ here.[/text_output]