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The “Three Things” Game Will Keep Any Kid Entertained

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Parents of little ones are always looking for new and creative ways to keep them occupied—especially during moments like waiting in line or on a long car ride when they might be feeling under-stimulated. The “Three Things” word game is a fun way to keep kids busy AND challenge their brains at the same time!

How to play

The way it works is that a player names three things in a category, and then the other players have to guess the category. For example, you can say, “Cat, Dog, Hamster,” and your little ones can answer with the category, “Pets”.

Adjusting the challenge for different ages

You can make it harder by using more challenging categories (for example, “things in our living room” or “fairy tale villains”). You can also make it easier by increasing the number of items in the category (try the “Five Things” variation, and list more things to help them guess). Or you can just keep listing items until your kid guesses the category! 

Make sure to take turns and let your kiddo think of a category and list things for you to try and guess. This game is simple, but kids love it! You can tailor it to your own family, and play for a long time or just for a few minutes.

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