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Which love language does your child speak? A parenting quiz for better connection

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Everyone expresses and receives love differently, and that includes kids. Take this free love language quiz for parents, and get closer to understanding your child’s needs. It might just transform the way you connect with them!

While saying “I love you” is important, not all kids will feel a deep connection just from those words. Finding other ways to communicate your unconditional love will help you build a stronger relationship with each of your unique children — which, in the long run, can promote resilience and confidence, and even improve their behavior!

A fun, free love language quiz for parents

Take this love language quiz to find out which one or two love languages your child prefers: words of affirmation, physical closeness, acts of service, quality time, or receiving gifts. The results will give you ideas for how to connect best with that love language.

Love language: A parenting quiz for better connection
1. When your child is feeling down, they usually:
2. Your child expresses happiness by:
3. On their birthday, your child is most excited about:
4. When proud of an achievement, your child:
5. To show you they care, your child often:

Remember, while one love language might be predominant, a combination of a few different love languages can work to show unconditional love to your child. It’s also helpful to observe any changes in your kid’s love language preferences as they grow and develop, because they can evolve over time. Keep up the communication and curiosity in parenting to continue strengthening your bond!

Want more ideas for communicating in your child’s love language? Check out the suggestions in the carousel below!

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