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15-Year-Old Creates App To Help Grandmother With Dementia, Now It’s Free For Everyone

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Sometimes someone sees the need for something and finds a way to fill that need. Sometimes that someone is just 15 years old and leaves all of us in awe. A Massachusetts teen did just that when he created an app to help his family manage the care of his grandmother with dementia.

Four years ago, Logan Wells of Lexington, Massachusetts, saw the amount of work it took to coordinate the care of his grandmother with dementia. Caring for someone with dementia means making sure appointments are remembered, medications are delivered, and care staff know what to expect. It can be an all-consuming job for even the most organized of people. So Logan got to work on an app that could be a central place for maintaining all of his grandmother’s important information. 

The app organizes care information and communication

Logan worked on coding for the app and his dad, Eric, developed a prototype. They included details like alerts for medications, appointments, and urgent home maintenance needs, and a journal feature so that caregivers could communicate with each other about what happened during their shifts. 

After years of work, the dream has become reality

Logan and Eric enlisted the help of another father-son duo for development, and after years of work, Logan’s idea became a reality. The CareZare app was so useful to them that the Wells family decided it might be just as useful to others managing the care of a loved one—so the family decided to make it available for everyone’s use. CareZare was originally marketed as a paid app, but thanks to app sponsors it is now available to families at no charge.

Now 19 years old, Logan has a full-service website offering helpful information to caregivers managing the care of a loved one and options for downloading the app. CareZare is also available for a fee to agencies for their commercial use.

To become a sponsor and help CareZare remain free to families, you can visit the sponsor page on their website. 

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