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How To Take Truly Great Pics of Your Child

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After one too many pics of my boys where they were blurry, making a kooky face, or had turned their heads at the last second, I asked my friend Amy, a pro children’s photographer, for tips—and now I get awesome pics (almost) every time! 📸 Here are her tips for taking great photos of your child.

Set the Scene

If you love a warm, soft glow, snap your pictures where there’s plenty of natural light. Avoid the flash, as it tends to scare babies and make older kiddos close their eyes (and we all already have enough pics of people with their eyes closed, right?). If you’re able to time it right, morning and late afternoon light is best.

A grassy lawn, a white blanket, or a solid, neutral carpet are among the easiest surfaces to photograph. For texture and contrast, a blanket or small toy in the shot does the trick.

Back It Up

Keep the focus on your child, not what’s going on around them, with an uncluttered background and a simple outfit—or just a diaper to show off that adorable baby-soft skin.

Here’s an easy trick if you have a newborn or a young infant: Ask someone to hold the baby while wearing a black top; your helper will fade away into the neutral background. (If you like the drama of black and white pics, this trick is especially perfect.)

Try a New Angle

If your cutie likes to play on their own, try to sneakily take pics at their eye level, even when they’re not looking. You might have to hide behind something or even lie on your stomach to capture those impromptu moments, but it’s so worth it.

Another great angle is from above; stand behind your kiddo and shoot while they’re looking up at you—but also when they’re not. (You might want to try standing on a chair if your little one is not so little anymore.) It’s a unique perspective that’s universally flattering.

Trouble getting a smile? Funny toys and silly sounds might work for a young baby, and older kids love answering questions and are great at following cues. One easy trick is to ask them to make funny faces. Give them words such as surprise or happy, then snap their responses as well as those in-between moments when they’re likely to giggle.

Sweat the Small Stuff

Don’t hesitate to get close-ups of the adorable details! Focusing in on a sweet pout, a belly peeking out, tiny toes, or even a chubby hand on a favorite toy can make for a great pic.

And speaking of details, embrace the messes and bad moods—they’re worth capturing, too! Some of the best kid pictures are candid moments when they’re anything but calm, well rested, and fed. Feel free to snap them looking grumpy, thoughtful, or even serious as those pics are often just as adorable (and capture parts of their personality that aren’t usually documented).

Finally, KEEP SNAPPING (this is the part I’m already great at, LOL)! That way you’re sure to have plenty of eye-popping cuteness to look back on 😍