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How Real Moms Maintain Friendships After Having Kids

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Keeping up with friends after you have a kid is tough, but maintaining those friendships is sooo worth it! Even just a quick chat can make you feel more calm and connected—but making time for friendships can be tough for busy parents.

Seem unrealistic? It can definitely be done! For some inspiration, here’s how a few real moms I know are staying connected to their friends:

Piggyback on Playdates

“Storytime at the library and Mommy and Me-type classes aren’t just for bonding with our babies,” says Sarah, “they’re for bonding with other moms! I often go with a friend who also has a little one, but it’s been a great way to meet new moms, too.”

Schedule It

It helps to stay realistic though, like my buddy Bristy. She says, “My friend and I plan date nights with each other once a month. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t, but we both know our schedules are busy.”

Master Multitasking

Tania understands that nobody multitasks like a mom, and has a tip for parents who work outside the home.

“I joined a networking group with friends,” she says, “and we often go for lunch or dinner after meetings and events. I’m not sure we’d plan that many get-togethers if it weren’t for our networking group. It’s kind of like a 2-for-1.”

“My bestie and I often run errands together, whether we’re with our kids or not,” adds Erin. “A trip to Target or the grocery store is a lot more fun with a friend. Sometimes it’s the only way we can see each other!”

Phone It In

My friend Ana knows it’s not always so easy to get out of the house, though. “I was a single mom when my son was a baby, which made it that much harder to find time—so I started scheduling phone dates with my girlfriends during times when it was likely my son would be sleeping,” she shares.

Whatever you do to keep up with your friends, don’t ever feel guilty about it. Parents need to take care of ourselves if we’re going to take care of our kiddos — and you deserve the time to yourself! 😊