What’s Your Parenting Style? Take Our Quiz to Find Out!

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What’s your stance on sleepovers?

Your kid brings home a bad grade on an important assignment. What do you say?

Your kid just got out of school, and is waiting for you to pick them up when a friend of the family offers them a ride without your permission. What do you think your child would do in this situation?

Your child gets to be in charge of making dinner tonight! How do you think this would go?

How does travel usually go with your children?

Your kid is asked to participate in a challenge where they must jump off the high dive at the pool…but they’re scared of heights! What would you say to encourage them to complete the challenge?

If you and your child had to switch roles for the day and they got to make all the decisions, how do you think they would feel about that?

Mckenna Saady is a staff writer and digital content lead for ParentsTogether. Before working for nonprofits such as the Human Rights Campaign and United Way, Mckenna spent nearly a decade as a child care provider and Pre-K teacher. Originally from Richmond, VA, she now lives in Philadelphia and writes poetry, fiction, and children’s literature in her spare time.