12 Unique Ways to Compliment Your Child

Kids are like sponges. If we say positive things to them, it makes a big difference in how they feel about themselves! But my kids start to tune me out if I say the same things over and over, and a unique compliment can really help the message sink in.

For example, instead of saying “Good job,” I like to say:

You have great ideas.
I love your creative mind. 🌟
You solved that problem.

My kids always make me proud, but sometimes I like to tell them in different ways, like:

You have a kind heart.
What you did was really brave.
That was a really good choice.

It’s important for my kids to feel like they matter, want to know what I tell them?

Your opinions are important.
I know how much this matters to you.
I want to know what you think.

I tell my kids “I love you” all the time, but sometimes I like to switch it up…

I am so glad you are part of this family.
I love spending time with you.
I am thankful for you.

These phrases really help me feel connected with my kids — and I love knowing I’m helping to build their confidence. What are some ways you help build confidence in your kids?

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