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30-day Family Spring Bucket List Challenge

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Spring is finally here! Most families will welcome the warmer weather, longer days, and pretty flowers. Spring is an inspiring season full of life and growth, but it can be too easy to let it pass by without getting out and appreciating all of its natural wonders.

Kids can learn a lot through nature—plus being outside together boosts mental health and creates memorable bonding opportunities as a family. But of course some spring days will still feel like winter, so there are plenty of indoor activities that are ideal for spring too.

Try our 30-day spring bucket list challenge with your family! And if 30 days seems like too big a commitment, remember that Earth Day is April 22—so pick a couple activities from the list to celebrate together. You’re bound to have a lot of fun, learn something alongside your kids, and be energized by the spring vibes.

  1. Plant a seed

It may seem intimidating (or impossible, based on space available) to plant a whole garden. But you could involve kids in planting a seed—or a few—in a pot or a corner of the yard. Start with a flower, herb or vegetable seed, and just see what happens with some water and sunshine. Remind kids to check it every 1-2 days to monitor progress.

  1. Splash in puddles

On the next rainy day, rather than hide inside, put on rain boots and jackets and go for a short rainy day walk. Kids may enjoy the change of scenery and enjoy observing puddles, drains, worms, and more.

  1. Spring book haul

Head to your local library and get all the books you can about spring, gardening, rain, insects, birds, animals coming out of hibernation, and whatever else your kiddos are curious about. Having a stash of books will give you even more to discuss as they experience all this exciting season has to offer.

  1. Scavenger hunt

Get outside and awaken the senses with a spring-themed scavenger hunt that lists 20 things you can see, hear, smell, and feel. Or try our springtime photo scavenger hunt, full of prompts that help you really appreciate all that spring has to offer (you’ll also get our other free photo scavenger hunt lists, and a whole bunch of other fun resources for kids, too)!

  1. DIY birdfeeder

Here’s a creative way to welcome the early spring animals: Make your own bird feeder using materials you have at home like plastic bottles, popsicle sticks, LEGO bricks, or paper towel rolls.

  1. Baby animal videos

On a day that’s not quite so beautiful outside, indulge in some adorable baby animal videos, or even a baby animal documentary. They’re guaranteed to make everyone in the family laugh and coo!

  1. Observe a bug

Chances are the bees, ants, worms, or other critters are getting excited about spring too! Get down to their level and watch for a while, and you’re sure to see something fascinating.

  1. Go on a hike

It might be muddy in spring, but nature trails will be full of signs of life—from flowering trees to animals coming out of hibernation.

  1. Have a picnic

Bring a blanket and some lunch, and set up outside for a fun family meal. Even if you do it in your own front yard or porch, it’s sure to bring some joy to you—and passersby.

  1. Track the buds

Go on a nature walk or a walk around the neighborhood and observe which plants and trees have flowers, leaves, or buds. Different species of plants and trees develop on their own schedules and according to how the weather has been. Kids who are really into this may want to learn more about the study of phenology, the natural changes that plants and animals go through.

  1. Decorate eggs

Whether your family celebrates Easter or not, you can have fun painting or dyeing eggs in a creative way using one of these techniques.

  1. Bird watch

Go out to look for birds in the yard or a local park, and learn what type of birds they are if you don’t already know. Use a bird identification app (or click the “Get Instant ID Help” button here to use online) for more info.

  1. Spring cleaning

Make spring cleaning a fun project for the whole family. Challenge kids to find three items of clothing that are too small or worn out, and three books or toys they want to donate. Let them do active outdoor cleaning tasks like shaking out rugs outside, spraying off the deck, or collecting twigs and pinecones from the yard.

  1. Egg science

Get curious and do a fun experiment using real eggs! You can find out how strong eggshells are (the clean way) or dare to get a little messy by getting kids to walk on raw eggs.

  1. Grassy art

Make art inspired by the bright green leaves of grass that are popping up everywhere. Grass crowns make for an easy craft for the littlest ones, while real grass head dolls could be a more ambitious project.

  1. Visit a farm

Whether your local farm has animals or just crops, there is surely something going on in spring. Find out when the earliest fruits and veggies are available at a farm stand, or look for seasonal activities like strawberry picking, egg collecting, or maple syrup tours. Or just watch the tractors!

  1. Fruity treats

Spring means that fresher produce is finally here—or is coming soon, depending on where you live. Celebrate with a yummy snack that you can make together with kids. Think fruit smoothies, strawberry shakes, fruit kabobs, or pancakes topped with strawberries. See more strawberry recipes here.

  1. Animal crafts

Get creative with kids and make baby animals out of materials like cotton balls, paper plates, paper bags, and more. Here are 30 spring animal craft ideas to inspire you.

  1. Collect rainwater

Save on your water bill and learn about nature by harvesting rainwater next time it rains. Set up containers outside (under a downspout is the most efficient method). Make sure kids know that the water isn’t drinkable, but it can be used for watering indoor or outdoor plants, flushing the toilet, washing the car or outdoor toys, or other forms of water play.

  1. Crafty breakfast

To celebrate the sunnier season, make a special spring-themed breakfast with sun-shaped or bunny-shaped pancakes, or top breakfast with flower-shaped fruit. Get creative!

  1. Car wash

On a sunny day, take out the hoses and buckets and wash the car together. You can wash toy cars and other waterproof toys too!

  1. Go barefoot

Give your whole body a sensory preview of the warmer weather (and that carefree, giddy feeling that comes with it) by finding a spot to wiggle your toes in the grass or sand, letting ’em free on the patio or balcony, or even peeking your toes out of the car window!

  1. Get on wheels

Shake up the family routine and enjoy some fresh air by going on a bike or scooter ride, or roller skating together. Don’t forget your helmets!

  1. Flower portraits

Visit a botanical garden or park, or go on a walk around the neighborhood, and try to get a snapshot of each family member posing with a different type of flower. Then make a fun family photo collage to welcome the joy of spring!

  1. Boat ride

Get out on the water! If you can’t find a way to get on a real boat (such as a ferry, paddleboat, canoe, or kayak) in your area, kids might have fun making little boats out of sticks, paper, or leaves and floating them on a stream or even in a big puddle.

  1. Fashion show

Try on your most bold and colorful duds and have a spring fashion show with your family! Put on some music and take turns doing a runway walk. You can even have prizes for made-up categories like: most matchy-matchy, most confident walk, most avant-garde, most comfy, etc.

  1. Dirt pudding

Make a fun, kid-friendly dessert that looks like worms in dirt, but is actually chocolate pudding, chocolate cookie crumbs, and gummy worms. Dirt-licious!

  1. Recycled soil

Teach kids about composting and soil by letting them make their own compost in a jar! It’s actually quite easy, and can be done indoors. They’ll learn that fruit and vegetable scraps don’t have to go in the landfill or incinerator—they can break down naturally and become a part of the rich soil that helps more fruits and vegetables grow.

  1. Blow bubbles

Kids of all ages tend to love bubbles, so make it an excuse to get outside and jump around! If you’ve run out of bubble mixture you can make your own, plus construct some giant bubble wands while you’re at it.

  1. Leaf science

Spring is a time to appreciate the wonderful world of plants. Kids can learn a lot about plants by using a freshly cut leaf with stem attached, a glass of water, and some red food coloring. Check the leaf closely each day for a few days to learn how the water travels through the stem and leaf.

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Joanna Eng is a staff writer and digital content specialist at ParentsTogether. She lives with her wife and two kids in New York, where she loves to hike, try new foods, and check out way too many books from the library.