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Today’s Magic Moment

Want more?

  • Now put your kiddo in charge. Ask them to be the leader, and you mimic their actions.
  • Want a super challenge? Ask your child to close his eyes, and tell him three or four actions to take. Can he remember and do them all?
  • Another twist: Talk it out. Choose an activity you do every day and ask your child to talk through all the steps. Tell them you will act out their words – see if they get all the steps!

Pro tip: Have you ever read that book “If You Give a Mouse a Cookie?” – or any of those other books that have that same kind of repetitive/droning pattern? As a parent, those books can drive you a bit batty after the 49th reading, but they’re great at helping your child with these exact same skills – remembering a sequence and predicting what should happen next.

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Ailen is the Managing Editor at ParentsTogether. She lives in Charlotte, NC with her husband and two spirited boys.