Happy holidays from ParentsTogether—here are some gifts for you!

We’ve all experienced some ups and downs this year, but through it all we’ve still been able to accomplish so much as a community! ParentsTogether and our inspiring network of parents and advocates scored some big victories for families in 2022, including…

  • Extending free school lunches—We mobilized our members to demand that Congress pass the Keep Kids Fed Act in June, which kept universal free school meals going throughout the summer. Then, we made sure families knew about the win by sending updates to our 3 million subscribers! And we’ve kept fighting to expand the program with petitions, email campaigns and call-ins to get more funds for free meals into the 2023 budget. 
  • Advancing the Pregnant Workers Fairness Act—ParentsTogether organized a petition delivery at the U.S. Capitol in October, as well as a rally with a powerful coalition of allied organizations and directly impacted workers. More than 70 of our members who experienced discrimination in the workplace while pregnant or postpartum also signed a powerful letter to Senator Schumer that appeared in a full page ad in the NYT.
  • Making the internet safer for kids—ParentsTogether ushered in several big wins for online safety, including the California Age Appropriate Design Code which requires online platforms to build safeguards and data protection for their users under 18. We also made major headway on a bipartisan bill intended to protect kids from social media harms. 
  • Getting out the vote on Election Day—Our national #ChalkTheVote campaign brought families out in the weeks before the midterm election to create chalk art inspiring their community to go vote. From Phoenix to Philadelphia, #ChalkTheVote events brought together people of all ages to raise awareness about the election!
  • Surveying families about student debt—ParentsTogether conducted a groundbreaking survey this year about the impact of student debt on American families. The survey revealed just how important student debt forgiveness is to the financial sustainability of families across the country. We also participated in a pivotal roundtable discussion about loan forgiveness with Congresswoman Ayanna Pressley and the Student Debt Crisis Center.

We also lent our voice to other important issues impacting families, like bringing attention and accountability to book banning in school districts across the country, and generating 200K+ petition signatures on campaigns to protect LGBTQ kids and families.

From our family to yours, thank you so much for joining us on this journey. This year we learned a ton, brought communities together, and took important actions to make the world a better place for ALL kids along the way! And we couldn’t have done it without you! So to say “thank you,” here are some gifts from ParentsTogether to help make your new year even brighter…

Kid-Friendly Tunes

We’ve got two brand new, kid-friendly Spotify playlists for you! 

Your first gift is a playlist of the biggest family-friendly hits of 2022! You can ring in the New Year as a family to all the most popular songs of the year—curated by us to only include songs without any harsh language or mature content. 

We also have a new ParentsTogether playlist of diverse kids’ music featuring artists from lots of different backgrounds! We’ve learned a lot this year about the importance of representation in media, so we wanted to put together a list of songs for kids by diverse artists to help you build your family’s library!

Nani’s Favorite Recipes

Our wildly popular Bite-Sized Parenting videos have inspired a ParentsTogether recipe book that we want to share with you! Nani’s favorite recipes can be found here, both in English AND Spanish! 

English version

Spanish version

And here are some of the videos that inspired our recipe book! Check them out to see Nani cook some of these simple recipes while talking you through a quick parenting tip…

Printable Family Activities

This collection of family-friendly activities will keep your kids engaged and entertained all winter break! Print them out to fill in together, or make your own version on construction paper if you prefer!

New Year Journaling Pages

Take stock of your 2022, and look ahead to 2023 with these fun journaling prompts for the whole family!

“My Wild Year” Mad Libs

This fill-in-the-blank style game will not only get your kid to practice their grammar and vocabulary, but it will have your whole family cracking up! 

Questions for Kids

These are a ParentsTogether classic! Our Questions for Kids can be used anywhere you need to fill some downtime or spark a fun conversation with your kid. Print them, cut them out, and keep a stack in the car, in your purse, or on the kitchen table!

Coloring Pages

For our littlest members of the ParentsTogether community, we made these fun coloring pages! Try using them next time you need a screen-free activity to keep your little one busy!

Thank you for being with us in 2022, and committing to grow with us in the New Year!

Please reach out to us via email at [email protected] or DM us on Instagram @parentstogether if you have questions or suggestions for content that would be helpful for your family. And if you love these gifts—not to mention helping ALL families thrive—and are able to help support our work in the coming year, please consider a donation! With helpful gifts from families like yours, we can keep working together to share useful info to support parents and push forward important policies to help families thrive.