Quiz: Do you and your kids know this Pride month history trivia?

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You may be celebrating Pride with your family, but how much do you and your kids know about the history of Pride and LGBTQ+ rights?

From key advancements in gay rights to courageous LGBTQ+ heroes over the years, LGBTQ+ history is a little-known but central part of understanding where our society came from and where it’s going.

Does your family know why the gay rainbow flag symbolizes the LGBTQ+ community? Take our quiz!

Curious kids (and adults!) might want to know more about famous LGBTQ+ heroes, where the “gay rainbow” symbol comes from, when same-sex marriage became legal, when the first Pride parade was, or why June is Pride month.

Plus, GLSEN’s research has shown that learning about LGBTQ+ culture and history in school leads to LGBTQ+ students feeling safer at school and hearing less frequent homophobic and transphobic comments.

Trivia for families on Pride & LGBTQ+ rights, movement, and history

Let this Pride history quiz guide you towards some answers — and fodder for further research, learning, and inspiration. Happy Pride!

1) What was the first state in the United States to officially allow same-sex marriages?

2) Who were the Daughters of Bilitis?

3) The Stonewall uprising in New York City, led by many LGBTQ heroes including Marsha P. Johnson and Sylvia Rivera, is one of the most famous events credited for advancing the LGBTQ movement. It occurred in June of what year?

4) What was the dance form created by Black and Latino trans, gay and queer young people in the Harlem Ballroom scene during the 1980s?

5) The original rainbow-striped Pride flag to represent the LGBT community was created by Gilbert Baker and Lynn Segerblom in the late 1970s in San Francisco. How many colors did it have?

6) Alvin Ailey was a very influential figure in Black, queer, and arts history. What was Ailey’s art form?

7) Where was the march now recognized as America’s first Pride parade held in 1970?

8) Who was the first known LGBTQ astronaut in the history of NASA’s space exploration?

9) Under which U.S. President did the government conduct the “Lavender Scare,” a mass firing and intimidation of thousands of gay and lesbian employees?

10) In what year did the first former NFL football player come out as gay?

Joanna Eng is a staff writer and digital content specialist at ParentsTogether. She lives with her wife and two kids in New York, where she loves to hike, try new foods, and check out way too many books from the library.