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#snOMG: 15 Questions to Help You Survive a Snowstorm With Kids

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by Ailen Arreaza

Happy snowcalypse. By now, the inside of your house is probably scarier than any natural disaster and your kids, after exhausting every snowy-day activity available to them, are staging an indoor skydiving competition.

Try talking them down the dining-room-chairs-stacked-on-top-of-a-dresser-cliff with these fifteen creative questions:

For sparking deep, thought-provoking conversations:

  1. What is your first memory?
  1. What would happen if earth lost its gravity for a day?
  1. Where do dreams come from?
  1. If you could invent a new color, what would it look like and what would you name it?
  1. If you could live forever, would you want to?

For keeping them busy without resulting in bodily injury:

  1. Build your own board game. What does the board look like, what are the game pieces, and how do you win?
  1. The government asks you to design a new kind of money (not dollars). What does it look like and what will you call it?
  1. Describe – or draw – the most awesome snow suit you can imagine.
  1. What kind of toy would you invent for kids your age? What would it look like and what would it do?
  1. You have to build a fort using only 5 items from your home, what do you use?

For eliciting warm thoughts and feelings:

  1. Invent a new celebration dance! What would it look like, what would you call it, and what are you celebrating?
  1. If a creature lived inside a volcano, what would it look like?
  1. If there was a tropical island made just for you, what would you find on it?
  1. If you could relive one day from this past summer, which would you choose, and why?
  1. You’ve just invented a machine to control the weather. What kind of weather do you set it to?

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Mckenna Saady is a staff writer and digital content lead for ParentsTogether. Before working for nonprofits such as the Human Rights Campaign and United Way, Mckenna spent nearly a decade as a child care provider and Pre-K teacher. Originally from Richmond, VA, she now lives in Philadelphia and writes poetry, fiction, and children’s literature in her spare time.