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Seven Ways to Make the World a Better Place, According to Kids

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We had parents ask their kids, “What’s something your family could do to make the world better for others?” We got some pretty great responses.

1. We can’t argue with Olivia’s logic (3) – “We can make chocolate chip cookies for everyone! This will make the world more better because chocolate chip cookies are yummy!”

cookie monster

2. Over a quarter of the responses had to do with caring for the environment — from teaching others to compost to picking up trash to using our cars less. Good on ya, kids! Sorry about the whole climate change thing.

captain planet

3. Four-year-old Ezra thinks the answer is “playing good music.” Take note, Nickelback.


4. Forty percent wanted to be kinder to others and one nine-year-old added this caveat: “Compliment people in any sort of way you can, but without sarcasm.”


5. Ellie and Ani will make the world better by taking one for the (pizza-loving) team. Their preferred method for lending a hand?: “Eat salad so others don’t have to.”


6. Five-year-old Naomi has a simple conflict-resolution reminder, Tell people when things are not fair, with our words, not our hands and feet.”


7. And finally, two-and-a-half-year-old Morgan had a simple, but powerful suggestion. What’s the best way to help others? “With stickers!”

you get a sticker

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Ailen is the Managing Editor at ParentsTogether. She lives in Charlotte, NC with her husband and two spirited boys.


  1. Christie Driscoll Reply

    “Shh. Nobody tell these kids they’ve been brainwashed by the liberal media”……..I actually didn’t think this was funny! I’m glad that you had lots of environmental messages from kids (including mine)! What else is there if we don’t have clean air, water, soil, ancient forests, national parks, biodiversity?! It’s not a liberal idea — caring for the earth is a bipartisan idea!

  2. ParentsTogether Reply

    Hi Christie, we totally agree! We meant that as a joke, but we changed it in case it wasn’t obvious that we’re pro-earth. Sorry for not being clear!

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