Simple Parenting

London Bridge is Falling Down

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Ready for some fun floor time?

Our little ones love time together on the floor, because it brings us down to their size.

Today’s magic moment is all about size, and figuring out what fits under your “body bridges.”

Get Silly:

What happens if you try to crawl through your child’s bridge? Insist that you can definitely fit. Pretend to crawl through, get stuck, and try again. Before giving up, see if your child can find an item that actually does fit!

Get Creative:

What other kinds of bridges can you and your child make? If you’ve already made one on your hands and knees, can you make a bridge between your legs? What are different ways you can make a bridge together?

Get Hugs:

Oh no! Your bridge has collapsed. Let your body fall to the floor with a big kaboom! Your child will probably come over to see if she can push you up again. Tickle time!

Final pro tip:

While you’re making bridges, you should absolutely, positively ignore any dust bunnies you might glimpse from the floor. Dust bunnies are a great sign that your priorities are in the right place – spending time with your little one, first and foremost.

Ailen is the Managing Editor at ParentsTogether. She lives in Charlotte, NC with her husband and two spirited boys.