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THIS SUNDAY: Families Across the Country #ChalkTheVote on Sidewalks Across their Communities Sharing Messages Urging Parents to Vote

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National #ChalkTheVote Day of Action Part of ParentsTogether #FamilyVote Campaign

Voting Plan Hopscotch, Voter Turn-out Art Aims to Empower Families With the Tools and Information They Need to Vote This Year

WASHINGTON, DC — On Sunday, October 18th, families across the country will hit the sidewalks of their neighborhoods to #ChalkTheVote, part of a massive GOTV push designed to provide other parents and community members with the inspiration and tools they need to make sure their voice is heard in the upcoming 2020 election.

Chalk drawing that reads: "I need my grown-ups to vote because"
ParentsTogether fill-in-the-blank chalk art

The #ChalkTheVote national day of action is organized by ParentsTogether, a national nonprofit organization made up of more than 2 million parents across the country. #ChalkTheVote is part of ParentsTogether’s 2020 #FamilyVote effort, a campaign aimed at empowering parents and kids to get excited about voting, especially during an election that will have a huge impact on families across the country.


#ChalkTheVote is ParentsTogether’s fun and kid-friendly way for the whole family (and the whole neighborhood!) to get involved with the election. Plus, kids who get excited about voting are more likely to grow up to be adults who vote. Specifically, ParentsTogether recommends that parents #ChalkTheVote with their children by:

  • Creating a “Vote Early” Mosaic
  • Making a “Voting Plan” Hopscotch for their neighbors
  • Creating a voting calendar with local deadlines
  • Chalking inspirational voting slogans
  • Having kids respond to prompts like; “I need my grown-ups to vote because…”
Chalk drawing of a calendar showing the various voting deadlines.
ParentsTogether Voting Calendar chalk art

“While voting looks different this year, it is more important than ever to vote, and to vote early. The pandemic has hit parents especially hard and their needs are being ignored by the people in power,” explained Bethany Robertson, co-Founder of ParentsTogether. “This election cycle, it’s especially important to help parents– many of whom are feeling worn down and worn out– reclaim their voting power while also helping to educate kids about the importance of the voting process.”

In 2018, ParentsTogether’s #FamilyVote campaign delivered over 1.2 million voting reminders and generated over 4 million #FamilyVote selfie views. 

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ParentsTogether is a national, parent-led organization with over 2 million community members from coast to coast working together to build a world where every child and family can thrive. Our membership is socio-economically and racially diverse, and includes parents from every state. 

ParentsTogether is a 501 (c)3 nonprofit community of over 3 million parents, caregivers, and advocates working together to make the world a better place for all children and families.