Out of Sight, Out of Mind?

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Today’s Magic Moment

Just how much can they see? Don’t you feel like a rockstar when your baby watches your every move? Like there’s absolutely no one more interesting in the world than you? (I mean, of course.) It’s super cool when your baby starts to really track things, a few months in. What to know just what they can see when? Find out with this quick list here.

Want more?

  • For babies 4 to 8 months, try partially hiding the toy under a blanket. Will they reach for it. Celebrate if they do!
  • For babies 8 months and older – they might be ready to find a hidden object. Let them see you hide the toy, and then see if they will search for it.

Ailen is the Managing Editor at ParentsTogether. She lives in Charlotte, NC with her husband and two spirited boys.