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Micro-Scheduling to Period Parties: Top Parenting Trends Expected in 2020

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With each new year come new predictions for the top trends expected in the next 12 months. Many parents wouldn’t have guessed just a year ago that in 2020 things like scheduling ourselves down to the minute and celebrating our daughter’s first period with a roomful of guests would be popular, but new research predicts just that. 

A survey conducted by Channel Mum asked approximately 2,000 parents their predictions for what parents plan to focus on in 2020, and the data showed some interesting new trends. Many of the trends were brought on by what’s been in the news, while some stem from that never-ending desire to connect with our kids.

Scheduling down to the minute

Now that “busy” has become a buzz word, families everywhere are trying to keep themselves on track and on time. Enter micro-scheduling. With micro-scheduling you break down your to-do list into the smallest increments you can: 7:05 turn on coffee pot, 7:10 wake up kids, 7:15 load dishwasher, etc. Some feel that taking the guesswork out of every minute of your day can help you accomplish more. Others feel it leaves you feeling rushed and overwhelmed. Either way, parents expect to find new ways to manage their hectic lives in the new year.

Pass on the plastic

With 93 percent of families vowing to reduce or eliminate the plastic used in their home, reducing plastic use may be more than just a trend. Kids and parents alike have been inspired by the eco-movement to address health and environmental concerns by stopping or greatly reducing the use of plastic products in their homes in 2020.

This goes hand-in-hand with another trend, nicknamed “The Greta Effect” after teen environmental activist Greta Thunberg. “Activism has been turned on its head and children are becoming increasingly vocal about causes they believe in. 2020 will see more youngsters defying convention to teach adults, such as the recent climate strikes,” the researchers predict.

The family that games together…

Gaming has increased in popularity over the years and has continued to draw in young kids and teens alike. In an effort to stay connected, many families are turning to games that the whole family can join in together. Whether they’re fighting a common enemy, racing toward a finish line or building their own computer generated empire, families are finding time together in front of the gaming console.

Menstruation celebration?

In an effort to reduce the stigma around periods and to help girls feel proud of their next step into womanhood, parents are throwing “period parties.” These parties enjoyed popularity for a number of years in the U.S., perhaps starting in 2014 with a humorous “First Moon Party” commercial from HelloFlo, a company that sends monthly care packages to women and girls to coincide with their periods. Now the trend is back and spreading across the world to places like the U.K., where this study was conducted. Period parties usually come complete with red drinks and decor, and include a guest list of their most supportive friends and relatives ready to celebrate this new part of life.

Giving 20   

A focus on taking 20 minutes of your day to turn away from everything else that takes your attention and give that time to your children is behind the Everyday Take 20 trend. This new effort to give your children 20 uninterrupted minutes of your time doesn’t cost a thing and is easy to put into practice, but offers great rewrads. “This mindful antidote to a busy world lets children know their feelings are important and validated,” the researchers say, “and brings families closer together.”

Other trends like co-working nursery spaces, smaller family sizes and therapy to remove the trauma of difficult birth experiences also topped this year’s trend list. It looks like 2020 will be the year of eliminating waste and increasing connection, two great goals for beginning a new year!

Jessica Watson is a freelance writer, author and the blogger behind Four Plus an Angel. Mom to five kids, four in her arms and one in her heart, she tries hard to enjoy them every moment but sometimes dreams of a week alone with a pile of her favorite books. "Four Plus an Angel" -