Splish splash – everyone in the bath!

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Today’s Magic Moment

Keep it safe tips
I first started taking a bath with my baby because I found it easier to wash and hold him if I was in the tub, too. But it can be pretty tricky getting in and out, especially if you’re solo.

Here are some ways to keep it safe:

  • Always check the water temperature before you get into the tub (you want it warm, but not too hot)
  • Have everything you need within arm’s reach (baby soap, towels, washcloths, bath toys)
  • Place your baby’s car seat or a bouncy chair next to the tub, with a towel inside
  • Put baby in the seat while you get into the tub (get out the same way)
  • Bring baby in with you, and relax. Once baby is all clean, chest to chest time is especially yummy.

For older babies

  • If your baby is on the cusp of sitting up, but not quite there yet – bathing together can be a great way to support her, while also enjoying some play time.

Ailen is the Managing Editor at ParentsTogether. She lives in Charlotte, NC with her husband and two spirited boys.