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3 Unique Outdoor Activities Your Kids Will Love

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We all know it’s important for kids to get lots of fresh air and time outside, but sometimes a walk around the neighborhood or a trip to the park is just not that exciting. These outdoor activities are easy, unique, and actually fun for the whole family!

1. Scavenger hunt

Make a list of things your kiddo might find in your backyard, at the park, or even just along the sidewalk, and set off together to find them. You can include all kinds of stuff like: “Ant, restaurant take-out menu, bird’s nest, bottlecap, etc…” If you need inspiration, we have free scavenger hunt checklists you can print at home!

To make it more interesting, challenge your kids to only find things that start with a particular letter, or things that are a certain color. The first one who can come up with 10 items wins!

2. Shadow tracing

Bring sidewalk chalk on your next walk so your kids can trace the shadows of trees and other objects (or people)!

You’ll end up with a huge outline on the ground that you can fill in with all kinds of creative patterns and colors to make an amazing mural.  

3. Invisible catch

This one might sound silly, but it’s super fun. Next time you’re at the park with your child, try playing invisible catch. 

Here’s how it works: Ask your kiddo to ‘go long’ and pretend to throw a ball or frisbee with really exaggerated movements. When they throw it back to you, dive or leap to make an amazing catch. 

You can take this game in all kinds of directions—intercept an invisible football, kick an invisible hacky sack, or use your head to hit an invisible soccer ball…anything goes. The best part? You can have zero athletic ability and still play like a pro.

There are so many ways to experience the outdoors that can be fun for the entire family. Finding new unique outdoor adventures to try with your children is a big step towards more fresh air and days together in the sunshine!

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