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The 10 funniest parenting videos and memes to put your exhausting day in perspective

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Parenting is TOUGH — every single day (and night!). But when the stress and exhaustion really get to you, one thing that always helps is to find some joy and humor in it all. Because let’s face it, life with little ones can also be pretty amusing.

Laughter releases endorphins, which reduces stress and pain levels. So after the kids’ bedtime today, let out some laughs with these on-point memes, tweets, and videos shared by hilarious parent creators. They’ll help put your whole day in perspective.

Then be sure to share the LOLs with your partner, co-parent, and parent friends. Endorphins for everyone!

All-too-true parenting humor to help bust your stress

What wild ride is parenting like for you? Fully embrace the chaos with this mom’s take.

Which kids’ songs do you secretly still enjoy…when your kids are not even there?

Ahh, the things you’d never thought you’d have to do as a parent. But this dad’s approach does make the job faster!

Sometimes you just need some peace and quiet. And that requires looking the other way. (Read through the comments for more “tips.”)

Why did certain parts of taking care of kids seem like no huge deal…BEFORE you were a parent?

This clip is so adorable, and gets funnier the more you watch it. As one commenter aptly said, “Yes, it’s like I have a little gremlin in my back seat…I love it.”

The exhaustion and sleep deprivation are very real, and can go on for years. And no, the kids will never get it.

Sometimes their “bad behavior” is just so clever, you can’t help but be impressed.

Barbie shoes and LEGO pieces are just a couple examples of the tiny things that grow to take over your life when you share a house with kids.

It’s amazing how much presentation counts sometimes. What’s one funny little hack that could boost everyone’s mood (or just make your job easier!) in your house?

Joanna Eng is a staff writer and digital content specialist at ParentsTogether. She lives with her wife and two kids in New York, where she loves to hike, try new foods, and check out way too many books from the library.